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8 Must-Haves for Fall 2021

Updated: Oct 26, 2021 To watch Video

I love Fall. It's that time of the year of coziness, beautiful color tones and trends. Especially when it comes to the fashion. In fall you can layer up your out fits fitting to outside temperatures. Adding layers are likely to spruce up any basic cute 'fit.

LET’S get into the fall colors. Brown- is such a natural tone and fit every skin tone. Orange- adds that pop of color to your fall out fit and with its many shades, so many beautiful tones to choose from to match a person’s complexion. Black- I LOVE black! Certain to make any outfit look chic or classic. Burgundy- burgundy tones are also a great color to wear in the fall as well. Like to fit all skin tones. Off white- Adds a chic and soft look to your fall outfit.

Another great thing about fall is most fall wardrobe can be carried over into winter just by adding large coats. So that saves us a few dollars ladies! $Cha Ching$. Even though, I must admit. I DO like to buy nice coats for the winter to add to my look. BUT sometimes I may buy them during the end of season sales, to get the best mark downs.

In this blog we will get into the 8 must have fall pieces you need to add to your closet! Or maybe you already have it and just want to see ways to style your pieces. Now, Let's get into what my top trends are for fall.

1) Plaid: whether it's a tennis skirt or mini skirt with a tight fit. Or overall dress. This trend is here to stay. Pair it with your favorite long sleeve top and add black hose/ tights under it, knee high socks, or tube socks. Scrunch it the down the tube sock a little and put on your ankle boot. Bam! Cute ~ casual ~ chic, now that's a look! Add a heel for a sexier look. Or sleek pointed toe boot. This look has a 90s vibe to it. I love 90’s styles with the oversized sweaters aka jumpers, tennis skirts with plaid print, Polo, Tommy Hilfiger and platform shoes. If you are a millennial or born in the later years of the 70s rolling into 80s. We all loved that time era of the tom boy gear but still had a girly flair. Inspired by the lovely Aaliyah.

Plaid Skirt Set

Plaid Skirt Set
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2) Straight leg distressed denim jeans. I love them because they are cute with heels and with sneakers. And them being distressed is must to add edge to your look. Denim is a staple piece to any closet. Make sure you at least have that 1 pair that just does you right! Now with manufacturers and designers understanding different body builds it's more likely to find a few pair that fits right. Straight leg jeans are trending because of its style. The ability to be in between a skinny leg and wide leg and still hug those curves. Most importantly while sitting right on top of that heel so effortlessly. Um um um. Also, with a sneaker if you want that streetwear look, just add your hoody or oversized top of your choice and BAM! Again, another look! We offer these jeans pictured in all photos on site now!

3) Chunky Sweater- In picture above I am wearing chunky sweater I got from Target a few months ago. I also got it in pink. I love them for fall/winter months. Always keeps me warm, while looking fierce! I have styled my sweater two ways below, with cute pair of straight leg denim and denim shorts. Find those items here. Perfect out fit for a day out shopping and brunch with the girls.

4) Coordinated sets- The ease of putting on an outfit that's already together for you! Ladies you ever have somewhere to be and lost track of time? Now you're standing in the middle of your closet looking for something to wear and you gotta go! Then you see that set sitting over there already ready. You throw it on, and outfit is so cute, you're getting compliments, looking real put together. Like you put thought into it. That is PERFECT! Another great thing is you can wear pieces separately to create an abundance of looks! See that's my thing. I already have enough clothes stuffed in my closet. The less need to

buy more, the better. That way I am saving money and space because I can pair this one set up in many ways! Capsule piece for sure, in any one’s wardrobe.

2 Piece Black Jogger Set

5) Collared Button up shirts- they add a sophisticated, chic, well put together look to any style. You can wear it oversized, tucked half in/out with your favorite tapered pant or some jeans. Cropped, pairs well with any style of bottoms you'd like. Adding blazer to it again gives it a sophisticated and chic look. You must have at least one good fitting button in your closet. Good to wear for job interviews or a business meeting without being too formal. Just makes you look professional. In the picture I am wearing a Plain black cropped button up was paired with a Blazer jacket. The jacket had no lapel and felt it could be a way to emphasize the folds on the wrist of shirt and collar on shirt for flare! Very much giving a monochromatic look. She is giving hunny! Now, with the orange button up (find here) to continue with the sophistication, I paired it with a black pair of wide leg fit trouser pants that is pleated along the center. Good look for turning a daytime look into a nighttime look. You can where a blazer or sweater on top while working in the day, and when it’s time to meet up with the girls or your man for happy hour/dinner you can appear in your cute button up! Still giving!!

It's just an easy piece to wear and collaborate with other pieces in your wardrobe.

6) Cardigans- Great for those pre fall nights and fall days. I like the long tight-fitting cardigans and a chunky sweater material cardigan as well with balloon arms. They are my go-to in the fall

. It adds layers to your outfit for a cozy, soft look. While staying warm and you can add some contrast to your outfit to include maybe to emphasize a color of a shoe, handbag, another type of accessory, or just to add texture. I know when I go to restaurants that they still have that AC extremely low in fall. So, you can throw that on or even places like the movies. Or maybe some of us just has low iron and could benefit from a little cardigan to help get through those breezy days. (But that’s a whole different topic. Eat healthy ladies)

7) Let's get into Shackets! You know… Shirt and jacket style shirt! They usually take a plaid shirt or a hoodie and combine it with a denim jacket. Again we see that 90s vibe appear. Pair with some thigh high boots, maybe even throw in a Fendi print stocking for the peek a boo effect when leg exposed. Fly Shit! Sexy and streetwear look perfect for a club night or selling parties. Selling parties are where the people from the neighborhood get together and sell plates of food to help pay bills, or some other need of financial support. Always a good party!

| Manière De Voir (USA) (

8) Puff Sleeve Shirts- Mostly seen in a floral print, solid prints they come in a polyester or crotchet-like pattern. They are super cute. Make any casual out fit stand out while remaining trendy. Mainly made in a crop top when I find them. As you can see in the picture with the floral print puff sleeves, I added a camisole shirt under, because at times I don’t feel confident in my stomach area, especially when my bloating is present. But it was still cute, right?!

Now head on over to your closet and see what you can put together! Thank you for reading!

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